Introducing Your Little One to Solids with Rooted Natural’s Stage 1 Meal Plan

Are you embarking on the exciting journey of weaning your little one?  Is your little showing all the signs ready to start?

Then, it's the perfect time to introduce your baby to a world of flavours and textures with Rooted Natural’s Stage 1 Meal Plan

Let’s dive into how weaning can positively impact your baby's solids journey and how our carefully crafted meal plan can support this crucial developmental phase.

Why start with vegetables and fruit? 

Fresh  vegetables and fruits provide a diverse array of nutritious options to introduce to your baby.  Vegetables and fruits are a good source of vitamin C that also increases iron absorption, which is important during this phase of development. Together with starting solids we also encourage hydration, essential as your little one begins their journey with solids. 

Introducing Rooted Natural’s Stage 1 Meal Plan: The Introduction

Our Stage 1 Meal Plan, aptly named “The Introduction,” is designed to guide both you and your infant through the initial stages of weaning. With ingredients sourced locally, developed and prepared by our team of professionals, each meal is crafted to introduce a variety of flavours and textures from all five food groups.
This 28-day menu progresses from one to two meals per day, ensuring a gradual and gentle transition to solid foods. From butternut and carrot purées to fruity delights like pineapple and coconut, your little one will explore a symphony of tastes, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  We also give the freedom of letting your little one guide adequate portion size - due to the large window of introduction between 4 to 6 months - appetite and tolerance differ.  You can divide the initial 2x90g portion into either 4x45g or 3x60g. 

Why Choose Rooted Natural?

At Rooted Natural, we understand the importance of providing nutritious, wholesome meals for your baby. That's why our Stage 1 Meal Plan is crafted with:
  1. Developed by professionals: Our meals are carefully planned and put together to ensure nutritional adequacy with a team effort of a registered dietitian and professional chef.  
  2. No salt, sugar, preservatives, or additives: We believe in starting your baby's culinary journey on the right foot, free from unnecessary additives.
  3. Locally sourced, organic ingredients: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our sourcing practices, ensuring that each meal is made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients.
  4. Variety of flavours and textures: We believe in exposing your baby to a diverse range of tastes and textures, laying the groundwork for a balanced and adventurous palate.

Weaning: Tips for Success

  • Time of day:  When your little one is most happy and relaxed as well as when you are.  

  • Feeding support:  It is important to have a feeding chair that supports your little one adequately - ideally in a sitting position of 90:90:90 (back:hips:legs) that also provide support for those little feet to not swing around. 
  • Feed the rainbow: By starting with vegetables and fruit your little one can enjoy the vibrant colours it offers - making the solids journey appealing and exciting for them.  Talk about the colours, the food and the texture whilst feeding them.  
  • Stay hydrated: As temperatures rise, it's crucial to keep your baby hydrated. Offer sips of water in-between meals and milk feeds  - not more than 1 cup a day of water till 12 months.   Ideal to use a silicone straw cup or 360 cup.  
  • Take advantage of our warmer weather: This puts the FUN into weaning by decreasing the laundry load - let them eat dressed only in a nappy and have your little one explore the foods with no fuss and get messy!  
  • Introduction for allergens: Introduce allergenic foods one at a time, early in the day and gradually - monitor your baby for any adverse reactions. Consult with your paediatrician if you have any concerns.

  • Weaning is an exciting time for both you and your little one, filled with new tastes, textures, and discoveries. With Rooted Natural’s Stage 1 Meal Plan, you can embark on this journey with confidence, knowing that each meal is thoughtfully crafted to nourish and delight. Embrace the flavours from Mother Nature and watch as your baby takes their first steps towards a lifetime of healthy eating habits.