Our First Launch

After months of planning, tasting and testing, WE ARE FINALLY HERE

Rooted Natural cannot wait to bring you the convenience of healthy, well planned out meal plans and flavoursome products directly to your door. We are aware of the tough times that the year 2020 has brought us all, and therefore aim to make life that little bit easier.

We are bringing you a variety of foods for starting solids (6 months+) and moving on towards the more established eater (7 months+) with texture and flavours.  Exposure to different flavours and textures help prevent picky eaters later and keeps it more interesting.  Did you know your infant already started to develop a sense of taste in the womb?  Taking this into consideration, who would want bland flavourless food?

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news on the launch of our next stage. We can't wait to have you with us along for the ride.

-Kirby van Rooyen and Nadia J van Rensburg