How do I know my child is ready to start solids?

Infants between four and six months are developmentally and emotionally ready to explore with a new method of feeding, different foods, flavours and textures. Each parent should observe and responsively feed their infant, when the infant is ready.  Your infant is ready to start exploring with food when - showing an interest in food by grabbing, sucking on lips or opening his/her mouth when food is nearby; can sit upright and have head control.

How do I know which meals to order for my child?

Depending on how and when you started with solids and how your baby progress will determine what meals are appropriate.  Our Stage 1 meals are smooth and lower in energy, protein and is all about introducing flavour of healthy vegetables and combination meals.  Our Stage 2 meals are textured, a continuation of flavours to keep it intersting, higher in energy and protein. Generally Stage 1 can be given with the introduction of solids, between 4 to 6 months onwards and Stage 2, from 7 months onwards.  

What can I do if my little one dislikes the meal?

Research has shown that the more exposure to a food and texture the more likely the child will be to accept it.  Do no force but repeatedly offer a dislike flavour or texture for at least three times.  If you are concerned about the nutritional intake, give a favourite after trying the new or disliked food.  

Can I give the meals frozen?

Yes, depending on the season our single vegetable and/or fruit combinations can make an excellent snack frozen when teething or over weekends or on holiday and you are concerned about those healthy micronutrients.  


What if my little one eat smaller portions? 

Each child is different and their cues should be followed at all times. After defrosting in the fridge, the food can be kept refrigerated for 2 days. All our meals come in resealable containers. Do not keep or refrigerate food that has already been heated, therefor if your little one eat less than the provided portion size, rather decant the amount before heating. You can always add on if needed. 


Is our food Halaal?

Our food is not yet certified Halaal, but we do not use any alcohol, pork meat or fat or derivatives thereof in our kitchen.  

What about allergies and/or allergens?

Research has shown that it is more beneficial to introduce allergens earlier than later to a baby or infant for the immune system to mature and build a firm foundation.  If you have a family history of allergies the situation differs.  It is important to consult with your medical professional if there are any known allergies, symptoms or concerns before or when introducing a specific allergen. 


Delivery times and communication

After confirmation of your order you will receive an email or sms to communicate a delivery time slot. Please ensure that you or a responsible person is at the delivery address to accept the delivery. Due to the frozen nature of our product, transit time is crucial and T&C's apply with regards to re-delivery regarding cost and liability. 

What happens if I need to change address for delivery?

Change of address should be communicated within 12-24 hours from delivery confirmation message.  Please communicate this to or call 083 753 2196. 

Change of address on the delivery-day usually leads to re-delivery issues and transit time is affected.  T&C's apply.