Meal Plan 1 – The Introduction

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Stage 1 Meal Plan: The Introduction

Rooted Natural has put together three Stage 1 meal plans to guide the parent and the infant with a discovery of flavour and textures with ingredients from all five food groups.  The Introduction is the first of the three plans, it will guide you through the first foods and steps of solids.  

The introductory vegetable and fruit combinations can be given in 45g-60g portions each meal for the first 18-23 days depending on appetite and time of introduction between 4 to 6 months.  These portions increase to 60-90g and 80-120g respectively, as your baby’s appetite is also growing.   

A total of 32x 90g and 4x120g meals then translate to 47 to 56 meals depending on portion given between 4 to 6 months + free Rooted Natural Cooler bag*

* as stock last

28-day menu progressing from one to two meals per day 

This meal plan includes 32 different foods and flavours that include the following:

Vegetables: butternut, carrot, sweet potato, beetroot, spinach, pea, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, cabbage, Babymarrow 

Fruits: pineapple, apple, pear, blueberry, banana, strawberry, orange

Legumes: Chickpeas

Fats, nuts & seeds: olive oil, avocado, coconut milk, sesame oil

Herbs & Spices: ginger, basil, mint, cumin, cinnamon

Allergens: dairy/nut - guidance to include , sesame included  

Exposure to a variety of foods, taste and texture is advised at least three times, up to 15 times, to be accepted.  Allergens are included towards the end of the meal plan and are best to give early in the day to monitor your baby’s reaction and tolerance.  

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please consult with your medical professional if there are any known allergies, symptoms or concerns before or when introducing a specific allergen.  

Some of the fruit purees are slightly more runny than the veggie options.

The food is produced in a kitchen where exposure to allergens such as fish, wheat, cow’s milk and nuts/seeds may occur.

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