Rooted Natural is the brainchild of Kirby van Rooyen and Nadia Jansen van Rensburg - two South African women with a passion for food and nutrition, who have realised how important it is to establish a healthy relationship with food from the first introduction.

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Parenting in today’s modern world can be overwhelming, due to the increasing demands on one’s time and energy, leaving not much room for making or researching homemade, nutritious meals for the little one.

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Coconut Hake with Corn and Coriander

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Coconut Hake with Corn and Coriander

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Caring for the planet

Our packaging is fully recyclable pouches using LDPE plastic. It is BPA free, food-grade packaging sourced from a local certified company.  Each pouch is re-sealable and re-usable.  

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Caring for you

Every meal is carefully developed and put together by us, a professional chef and registered dietitian. No salt No sugar No preservatives or additives Allergens: The food is produced in a kitchen where exposure to allergens such as fish, wheat, cow’s milk and nuts/seeds may occur.

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Sharing your solids journey

We love hearing from our parents and little one's experience with our meals and how you incorporated our meals into your solids journey!

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