The CLASSICS range: Wholesome Meals with a Healthy Twist

At Rooted Natural, we believe that kids deserve the best nutrition without sacrificing on taste.

That's why we've created our Classic Range and FingerFoods, designed to offer a healthy and delicious option for meal times. Our meals and fritters are hearty and wholesome, made with the same ingredients that kids know and love but with a Rooted Natural touch of flavour and a healthy balance.


One of the key features of our Classic Range is the addition of extra veggies. We know that getting kids to eat their greens can be a challenge, but we've found a way to sneak them in without compromising on taste. Our meals are designed to be suitable for all ages from one year and up, so whether you're looking for a ready-to-eat meal at home or for the lunchbox, our Classic Range has got you covered.

Our FingerFood range is perfect for BLW, adding veggies and or protein to a meal or lunchbox!  Suitable for all ages from introduction of solids onwards. 

At Rooted Natural, we're committed to sustainability, and that's why we've opted for biodegradable packaging. Our eco-friendly packaging is not only good for the environment but also ensures that our meals stay fresh for longer.


Encouraging self-feeding is an essential part of our approach to kids' meals, and that's why our Classic Range is designed with this in mind. Our meals are easy to handle and come in child-friendly portions, making it easy for little hands to dig in and enjoy.


Our Classic Range come in a variety of delicious flavours that are sure to tempt even the pickiest eaters. Choose from Macaroni and Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Fish Pie with Sweet Potato Mash, Chicken Curry and Rice, or Chickpea Curry and Rice. Whatever your child's preference, we've got a flavour that they'll love.


At Rooted Natural, we're dedicated to creating nutritious meals that are not only good for your child but also good for the environment. Our Classic Range is the perfect solution for busy parents looking for healthy, convenient meal options. So why not give them a try and discover the Rooted Natural difference today!