PRE ORDER! Meal Plan 7: The Established Vegan

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 Meal Plan 7: The Established Vegan

Stage 3 is whole, family-style meals to encourage self-feeding with your child's hands or a spoon. It is appropriate from 10 months up until 5 years of age. These combinations are available in 200g portions. 

The grains/ breakfast meals are from our Stage 2 range, combinations come in 120g portions.  We made some suggestions for add-ons to explore with meal times and increase caloric content for the hungry child.     

A total of 24 meals included + free delivery* & Cooler bag

(Two meals per day)  

*terms and conditions apply.  CHECKOUT CODE: MEALPLAN for free delivery

If you followed our previous meal plans or have introduced our combination meals, your baby should have had exposure to allergens and you should be aware of his/her tolerance and or reaction, if any.  If you have not given any allergens, it’s not too late - exposures to allergens have been found to decrease allergies and sensitivity to foods.  For first introduction, it is best to give allergens early in the day to monitor your baby’s reaction and tolerance. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please consult with your medical professional if there are any known allergies, symptoms or concerns before or when introducing a specific allergen.  

Please follow our preparation and storage instructions carefully.


Preparation instructions: 

Defrost in the fridge overnight or 8 to 12 hours.

When ready, cut the tamper seal and open the bowl by removing the lid.  Heat in microwave for 30-40 sec (900W) or decant in ovenproof dish, heat at 180 degrees for 5min.  Do not let the contents boil.  Always check the temperature of the food before feeding your child.  Each child takes different bite sizes, cut smaller or mash together as necessary. 

Storage instructions: 

Keep frozen. 

Refrigerate once defrosted and opened. Consume within 2 days.

Do not re-freeze or re-heat. 


Please contact us at if you have any questions/ requests.

The food is produced in a kitchen where exposure to allergens such as fish, wheat, cow’s milk and nuts/seeds may occur.

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